Tools for the bassoholic by Kevin Sullivan


The Old Rig/My Back up Rig

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

A very good Amp in it's own right!

This 4-10 cabinet with a horn is a Carvin that I purchased some 25 years ago.  It has been through many Amp heads over the years but was present at every gig I played, that wasn't back lined, since I was about 16 years old.  Finally replaced, except as a back up, by my glorious Eden.

David Eden's 4-10 bass cabinet with a horn also featured. 

Foot switch buttons are

* Channel Select

* On Both Channels

* Mute To Tune

* Enhance Bypass

* Turbo Boost

(great for getting louder for a solo)

David Eden's

World Tour


  To my taste the Eden amps are the best on the market.  This oneis particularly cutting edge.  This bass amp has 2 channels, something so many manufacturers assume bass player don't want.  That is real time versatility.  It also comes with a glorious foot switch so the bass player, not just the guitarist, can change sounds during a song.  Thank you David Eden.